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Welcome. You've bought this upon yourselves.

I was in the boy scouts. We went to 'Nam.

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I'm a textile student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I work with senior citizens, and recently finished an internship with the wardrobe department of a movie production company. I don't really know what I'd like to do, but I'm hoping to get another internship during my fall semester. I'm a member of the ASPCA, subscribe to the HRC newsletter, and just chopped off all my hair for Locks of Love.

I consider LJ a place to find fan fiction, since I'm a huge fan of slash but am far to lazy to search for it. I love all things BBC, even though I'm American. My dream vacation is to go ghost hunting in Ireland, as I'm convinced there's a ghost in my house. My cat's name is Oliver Wood (Ollie), because I have a crush on Sean Biggerstaff.

SHMILY is Love

I Love The Little Mermaid!

My NMTB mood theme was made by Nomorewolfie. Awesome, isn't it?