I want to say thank you to my good lj friend caesaria for two things: For turning me on to Adam Lambert, and for the wonderful gift she sent me. It makes my profile page much brighter.


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At least it's cold, and my new boots leak.

Holy crap, did anyone watch tonights episode of House? One word...EPIC! Wilson has always been my favorite character since the first episode, and I've never liked how they wasted a great character, and a great talent like Robert Sean Leonard. I know he prefers to do as little work as possible, and trust me do I ever understand that, but I want a million more episodes like the one I saw tonight. Over the years we've been desensitized to the craziness and wackiness of House's cases, but tonight we got to see it like a true outsider and got rid of the format we've been so used to. Wilson is such an interesting character with all of these hidden depths we've barely got to explore for the past six years. Now we're cracking the shell and I'm loving all the insanity we're getting to see! It sucks that we're on an episode hiatus, but what an amazing episode to leave off at!!

Happy Halloween!!!

 Tonight for Halloween I met up with my two biffles and went to the city for a night of fun. We check out the parade (for a second, cause of the rain) and joined in the tail end of it. Then we traveled the subway to a yummy Japanese place (where we stayed till closing, of course) and took lots of pics and got all caught up. Great night. Even if many people didn't get my costume. A few people walked by in Penn yelling "Orange hair!". I was Daphne from Scooby Doo. It came with a wig. A bright orange wig. Even though i'm a red head I wore the wig. It helped my friends find me in the crowd. 

And on another note....GO YANKEES!!!!

I'd like to spank the Academy

Jon Cryer over NPH? Seriously? Really? Do these people even watch these shows?  I think not. That award was meant for you Neil. 

And Jim Parsons is amazing and should get some sort of award for being so brilliantly nerd like.

And I am obsessed with Mika's new album "The Boy Who Knew Too Much". 
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Found this on twitter


Kanye is an ass, and Patrick Swayze is gone. Sad sad sad. 


Let's see that play in slo-motion

 Quick update on things I'm really into now:

1) Adam Lambert

2) TV show Leverage

3) More Leverage

4) When do I get more episodes of Leverage?

My first meeting at the radio station starts tomorrow. I'm so excited! I have no clue what I'll wear. It's between two outfits.

And my grandfather has been in the hospital for a week now, but is on his way to recovery. The man is over 85 and just wont stop until he's ready to stop. On the other hand, my grandmother has been staying with us for the week. She's staying in the den...where the big screen HDTV is. And taken it over, so she can sleep all day with the air conditioner off because anything below 85 degrees is winter weather to her. I haven't hung out in there in a week. I feel a little bad because that couch is so old and busted, but so is the one she sleeps on at her place. I think she prefers it. Getting old scares me, man. 

Let's see how this week goes. FIngers crossed.

Back it up, back it up, you got it, you got it

 So yeah, I was in a minor car accident the other day. Everyone is alright, and it wasn't my car and all that. It's just that when the accident happened, I was five minutes into a date. Most memorable first date I've ever had, I'll tell you that.

I'm still sore though. Battle wounds. 

I'm wiped from the week I had, just wanted to update the ol' journal so it wouldn't think I forgot it. 
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Are you okay Annie?

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is dead, and the internet broke. Between him and Farrah, all future June 25ths will be observed by members of pop culture by hiding in their panic rooms with their heads under covers hoping the reaper will spare their lives. Like Passover, only Supernatural style.

I can't pick a MJ song to listen to right now, since choosing my favorite is so difficult and impossible you need Einstein to create an equation to help decide. So I'm numbing it all by watching 30 Rock.

I got my period today also, so I'm crampy and cranky.

Is it the weekend yet?

Fun Fun Fun!!

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