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At least it's cold, and my new boots leak.

Holy crap, did anyone watch tonights episode of House? One word...EPIC! Wilson has always been my favorite character since the first episode, and I've never liked how they wasted a great character, and a great talent like Robert Sean Leonard. I know he prefers to do as little work as possible, and trust me do I ever understand that, but I want a million more episodes like the one I saw tonight. Over the years we've been desensitized to the craziness and wackiness of House's cases, but tonight we got to see it like a true outsider and got rid of the format we've been so used to. Wilson is such an interesting character with all of these hidden depths we've barely got to explore for the past six years. Now we're cracking the shell and I'm loving all the insanity we're getting to see! It sucks that we're on an episode hiatus, but what an amazing episode to leave off at!!
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