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Let's see that play in slo-motion

 Quick update on things I'm really into now:

1) Adam Lambert

2) TV show Leverage

3) More Leverage

4) When do I get more episodes of Leverage?

My first meeting at the radio station starts tomorrow. I'm so excited! I have no clue what I'll wear. It's between two outfits.

And my grandfather has been in the hospital for a week now, but is on his way to recovery. The man is over 85 and just wont stop until he's ready to stop. On the other hand, my grandmother has been staying with us for the week. She's staying in the den...where the big screen HDTV is. And taken it over, so she can sleep all day with the air conditioner off because anything below 85 degrees is winter weather to her. I haven't hung out in there in a week. I feel a little bad because that couch is so old and busted, but so is the one she sleeps on at her place. I think she prefers it. Getting old scares me, man. 

Let's see how this week goes. FIngers crossed.
Tags: adam lambert, leverage, life, tv
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