I can't hold my liquor...except In a cup

At the moment I'm in Nashville. That's right, I've left NY to travel down to where ribs and Jesus rule. Today I went shopping. I traveled all this way to end up at a Betsey Johnson store. But there was a sale! And I only got two things! Then there was lunch. Everyone hyped up this Italian restaurant by the mall, so we (mom and steffi and I) made our way there. The calamari was too peppery, but that could be forgiven. Steffi found a hair in her bruschetta, but she didn't want to say anything because we all ordered drinks and they DIDN'T card her. The waiter just assumed that she must be of age or didn't care. Mom and I got a mango daiquiri each, Steff got the margarita. Mom didn't like her drink. I LOVED mine. So I finished mine, and moms. That's right, just call me two drink Sally. My food came, and it was so bad I had to send it back. The manager was very nice and offered me another drink on the house, but I would have needed rehab if I took it so I declined. He took my food off the bill. So I didn't really eat much. Back at the hotel I got loopy, drowsy, and tired. So I fell asleep. I slept through dinner. I told them to go without me. "go without me", I said. See, I told them that. Later on consisted of an epic game of war while eating dessert with steffi, a hysterical joke that involved me peeing myself (just a bit), and a ten hour shower. My verdict on Nashville? Awesome.


So I'm getting ready for a date with a guy I really like. I put on this cheap makeup not realizing it was the cheap stuff I bought to goof off in. I'm having an allergic reaction to it. My face is all red and blotchy. He's coming in 15 minutes. Why couldn't this crap have happened when I was dating losers?
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Ginger dressings

So, I don't know if anyone has seen the episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks with David Tennent and Catherine Tate, but pay close attention to the shirt she's wearing. I have the exact same one in gray. This makes me oddly excited. It's late and I'm tired. That's my excuse. But it's now my favorite shirt. And I already love it.